The Child in My Heart

11:05 PM Posted by Jessica F.

It took me a long time to really face what I am going through. Only now 2 years later, I decided to be strong and realize… yes, it happened to me.

Gladly I have an awesome friend who helped and still is helping me go through these situations. It is very difficult to go through infertility and/or miscarriage when everyone around you seems to be the most fertile person in the world or simply capable of holding a baby in full term. I don’t think people see that it’s not that simple and it’s quite hard for some people to have their own full-term babies.

When we look at charts and we see the percentages, it is not that hard to know that you are not alone; for instance, 5 people out of 10* have a fertility issue. But when you look around you, the situation gets harder and harder… and harder! You turn your head, and there are families. Babies crying, sister wanting her toy from the bag and brother crying because he just fell off a bike. While their parents are saying, "Lord, give me patience!" We are actually looking at that and want to be saying, "Lord give me patience!"

Patience. Yes, we need that. This was a word I would be almost kicking the wall for. Why on earth do I need patience? It was clear to me that I needed and still need that simple word for when I see a family with a sweet little baby, not only because you want one but you remember your baby. I mean, when you have infertility issues, it seems that it doesn’t matter how many people you know, you never know someone with the same problem as you. And to be realistic, it’s true. Most people need to go to support groups because even though the chart says 5 out of 10*, it seems like it’s 1 out of all people in the world and patience is the hardest thing to find in those moments. ...Click here to continue reading this post...
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